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The tires of a forklift are the most important element in ensuring smooth operations within any warehouse or industrial setting. 700×12 forklift tires are unique among different sizes because they are versatile and long-lasting. This guide will help you understand why it is necessary to choose the right tyre, how to maintain them as well as increase efficiency when using your forklift.

What You Should Know About 700×12 Forklift Tires

However fork lifters’ tyres come in various sizes but this particular size (700×12) is popular due its combination between stability and maneuverability while working on any surface area. These types of tyres can carry heavy loads without slipping since they have good grip which enhances traction even more while maintaining balance at all times.

Types Of 700×12 Fork Lift Tyres

There three main types of forklift tires that one should consider:

Pneumatic Tires: These have air filled in them therefore providing comfortable rides especially when operating over bumpy roads or uneven grounds outside.

Solid Tires: Made from solid rubber so puncture free making it suitable for indoor use only where there is no risk of getting sharp objects into contact with them.

Polyurethane Tires: Lighter weight compared to others thereby saving energy during operations thus being ideal choice for electric powered trucks used indoors mainly.

The selection process will depend on what works best within your operational environment and specific requirements needed.

Benefits Of Using The 700×12 Forklift Tires

Increased Toughness

They can last longer than any other type because they were designed with durability in mind. Whether going pneumatic or solid version these tyres were built tough hence making them withstand daily operations without wearing off quickly thus reducing frequent replacement needs.

Better Balance

Stability is an important part when handling fork lifts. Size 700×12 provides stable base that ensures stability of the whole truck even if loaded with heavy objects. It prevents accidents from happening and improves safety at work place.


These tyres are universal so they can be used anywhere. 700×12 forklift tires have ability to move on different surfaces whether indoor or outdoor. In terms of cost effectiveness this makes them ideal choice for many businesses since it saves money which could have been spent purchasing separate sets for each area of operation.

Selecting The Right 700×12 Forklift Tyre

Operational Setting

Where you plan to use it plays a major role in deciding which one will suit best among other things considered before purchasing like size etcetera . If going outside go for pneumatic ones as they absorb shocks well but if staying inside solid or polyurethane would do better especially when working on polished floors.

Load Capacity

To avoid wearing them out fast ensure that what ever weight lifted does not exceed maximum limit indicated by manufacturer because overloading might cause premature wearing off plus being dangerous too.

Tire Construction

Materials used matter too: For instance solid types are good during heavy duties where frequent maintenance may not be possible while pneumatic offers smoother ride although needing more care taking than the rest so far mentioned here and lastly light duty applications such as electric trucks should consider polyurethane made ones.

Maintaining Your 700×12 Fork Lift Tyres

Regular Check-ups

Always keep checking your forklift’s tyres frequently without fail, this will enable you to maintain their state and serve you long enough before replacement is done. Conduct routine checkups looking for signs like cracks, bald spots etc.; once these are detected earlier it prevents further damages saving time as well as money spent on new sets thereafter.

Proper Pressure

Ensure inflation is done properly since under-inflated tyres wear out faster than fully inflated ones also an over-inflated one gives rougher rides which might damage truck parts like wheels or joints so follow given instructions regarding right amount of air pressure needed inside each specific brand/model (700×12) fork lift tyre.

Cleaning and Storage

Keep the tires clean to avoid damage caused by waste. When storing a forklift truck, make sure that its tyres do not touch the ground to prevent flat spots. The life span of your tyres can be significantly increased by providing them with proper storage conditions.

Rotation and Replacement

Rotate the tires of your forklift regularly so that they wear out evenly. This will enhance its performance besides making its wheels last longer. Safety and efficiency require that you change any tyre showing signs of considerable wear promptly.

Performance Tips for 700×12 Forklift Tires

Optimize Tire Pressure

You can optimize the performance of your lift truck by maintaining appropriate tire pressure. Fuel economy is improved when rolling resistance is reduced through correct inflation which also increases tyre lifespan.

Monitor Tread Depth

The tread depth is an important indicator when evaluating the health status of a tyre. Frequently check the levels of grip provided by each wheel’s grooves on their surfaces. Prevent accidents and ensure continued good performance by replacing those that have worn down below safe limits.

Use Quality Tires

Buying premium 700×12 forklift tyres may seem expensive at first but it’s worth it in terms of savings over time. Such products offer superior quality as well as endurance thus giving better results throughout their service life spans. Don’t settle for second-rate items just because they’re cheaper now; later on you might end up spending more money than necessary.


Efficiency and safety during work largely depend on choosing suitable 700×12 forklift tyres . Having knowledge about different kinds of wheels available together with their advantages will enable one make wise choices when buying them. Besides increasing durability through frequent checks coupled with timely replacements where necessary should also be done so as to extend useful life while maximizing output from these devices further investment needs to be made towards acquiring reliable ones which need proper care thus ensuring that lift trucks remain productive always while being safe for use in any environment.

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