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Knowing the price of forklift tires is essential for businesses that heavily rely on them in their day-to-day activities. Tire cost is a significant consideration as it can eat into your budget substantially, and making the right choice involves looking at several factors. This guide provides detailed insights into different types of forklift tires, their costs as well as what influences those prices.

Types of Forklift Tires

Pneumatic Tires

These are similar to car tyres and can be filled with air or foam. Pneumatic tires have good traction and provide a smoother ride on uneven surfaces.


  • Great traction on rough terrain
  • Cushioning for a smoother ride


  • Prone to punctures and damage
  • Requires regular maintenance

Price Range:

  • Air-filled: $50 – $200 per tire
  • Foam-filled: $150 – $300 per tire

Solid Tires

Solid tires are made entirely of rubber, which makes them durable and puncture-proof. They are best suited for indoor use or smooth outdoor surfaces.


  • Long-lasting
  • No risk of punctures


  • Rougher ride compared to pneumatic tires
  • Heavier; affects fuel efficiency

Price Range:

  • $100 – $400 per tire

Polyurethane Tires

Polyurethane tires are lightweight and have low rolling resistance, which is why they are popularly used in electric forklifts.


  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Low rolling resistance increases battery life Cons:  – Not suitable for rough or uneven surfaces
     – Can be more expensive than other types Price Range:
     -$50 – $150 per tire

Factors That Affect Prices of Forklift Tires

Quality of Material

The quality of the material used to make a tire greatly affects its price. High-quality materials provide better durability, performance and safety but come at a cost.

Brand Reputation

Well-known brands like Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear may be more expensive due to their established reputation for quality and reliability; however, choosing these brands can give you better long-term value.

Tire Size

Larger tires typically cost more because they require more material during production. Ensure that you select the right size for your forklift so as not to incur unnecessary costs.
Usage and Environment
  The environment in which the forklift is used determines what kind of tires are necessary and therefore how much they will cost. For instance, warehouse forklifts may need different types compared to those used on outdoor construction sites.
 Maintenance Requirements
    Solid tires or any other type that requires less maintenance may have a higher initial purchase price but can save money over time by reducing maintenance expenses.
  Top Brands & Their Price Ranges
       Michelin Forklift Tires
        Michelin is known for producing very strong long-lasting good-performance tires designed specifically for use with heavy machinery such as fork lifts among others. These include pneumatic solid polyurethane tyres.
        Price Range:
        -$150 – $300 per tire (Pneumatic)
        -$200 – $400 per tire (Solid)
        –$100 – $200 per tire (Polyurethane)
        Bridgestone Forklift Tires
          Bridgestone offers reliable durable tyres that can be used on different types of applications involving fork lifts as well as other vehicles. Their tyres have excellent traction and are quite tough.
          Price Range:
           -$100 – $250 per tire (Pneumatic)
           -$150 – $350 per tire (Solid)
           –$80 – $180 per tyre (Polyurethane)

Goodyear provides many different types of forklift tires that can help improve your performance and safety. They have different types and sizes available to suit any need.

Price Range:

  • Pneumatic: $120 – $280 per tire
  • Solid: $170 – $370 per tire
  • Polyurethane: $90 – $190 per tire

Ways to Save Money on Forklift Tires

Buy in Bulk

Buying them in bulk can often save you money. If you are a large operation with multiple forklifts, this can be very beneficial.

Retreading Options

Retreading is a cost-effective option that involves restoring the tread of used ones. It can help extend their life significantly while being much cheaper than buying new ones.

Keep Up on Maintenance

Regular maintenance such as keeping them properly inflated and checking for wear will keep them from having to be replaced prematurely, saving you money in the end.

Shop Around

Check out prices at different suppliers to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Online marketplaces as well as local dealerships tend to have competitive prices.

Tips for Maintaining Forklift Tires

Perform Regular Inspections

Doing regular inspections will allow you to catch any signs of damage or excessive wear early on which could potentially save other parts from being damaged.

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