Durable Genie Scissor Lift Tyres

  – Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and requirements for choosing tires that match well with your Genie scissor lift. Seek guidance from your equipment dealer or supplier regarding the right types of tires to use.

Maintenance Tips for Genie Scissor Lift Tires

  1. Regular Checks:   – Perform visual checks on your tires before each use to detect wear and tear, damage, or uneven tread patterns. Look out for cuts, bulges or any other unusual marks on the sidewall which may indicate a potential problem.
  2. Pressure Inspection:   – Regularly keep an eye on the air pressure in the tyres and adjust accordingly so as to maintain optimum inflation levels at all times. If left under-inflated or over-inflated, stability and traction will be impaired besides overall performance being affected adversely.
  3. Cleaning and Lubrication:   – Ensure that the tires are clean from dirt, mud or any other foreign materials that can compromise their grip on surfaces thus affecting how they work. Use mild soap plus water when washing them; avoid strong chemicals which may destroy rubber compounds used in making these tires.
  4. Storage Methods:   – Store scissor lift machines with properly inflated tyres away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures such as excessive coldness or heat which could speed up tire degradation due to UV rays exposure over prolonged periods coupled with harsh weather conditions.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to selecting and using scissor lift tyres. Manufacturers have specific recommendations based on their equipment’s design and performance requirements.
  1. Cost-effectiveness:   – Consider the overall value of the tyres in terms of their initial cost, maintenance requirements, and lifespan. Choose tyres that offer the best balance between quality and affordability, ensuring long-term cost-effectiveness without compromising safety or performance.
  2. Serviceability:   – Select tyres that are easy to service and repair, with readily available spare parts. This allows for quick maintenance and minimizes downtime when tyre replacement or repair is necessary.
  3. Operator Feedback:   – Take into account feedback from operators who have used different types of Genie scissor lift tyres in similar applications. Their firsthand experience can provide valuable insights into performance, reliability, and suitability for specific working conditions.


In conclusion, choosing the right Genie scissor lift tyres is crucial for maximizing efficiency and safety in aerial work platforms. Different tyre types offer various benefits in terms of traction, stability, durability, comfort, puncture resistance, and versatility. Factors such as application/environment, load capacity, durability/longevity, manufacturer recommendations, cost-effectiveness/serviceability should be considered when selecting the ideal tyre for your scissor lift equipment.

Conclusion: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Machine With Proper Tire Usage On A Genie Scissor Lift?

In conclusion, it is important that one selects appropriate tire(s) for their genie scissor lifts so as not only to ensure safe working environment but also increase efficiency while at work. There are many advantages associated with having good quality tires like improved safety records; increased productivity levels achieved within shortest time spans possible thereby saving money; versatility across different applications among others too numerous mention here alone. To this end, various factors such as application; load capacity; durability and maintenance should be considered when selecting the right type(s) of tire(s) for your equipment thus maximizing their performance as well as life span. Therefore invest in good quality tires today and see how much difference they can make in your operations.

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