Forklift Tire Replacement Cost

It is necessary to replace forklift tires as they are a significant part in maintaining the forklift’s performance and safety. Being aware of the cost related to this can help one budget well and ensure smooth running of their activities. In this article we will be looking into different factors that affect the price of replacing forklift tires and provide detailed information to enable you make informed choices.

Types of Forklift Tires

Pneumatic Tires

Much like car tires, pneumatic ones are air filled. They offer good traction and can therefore be used on rough terrains. These types of tire usually ware hard due to their ability to withstand uneven surfaces which makes them more expensive.

Solid Tires

Rubber is the only material that solid tires are made up of making them puncture-proof. They are most suitable for indoor use but could also work well on smooth outdoor areas. Solid tires have greater initial cost although they become cheaper in the long run because of their durability.

Polyurethane Tires

Polyurethane tires are lighter in weight and have low rolling resistance . Normally these are utilized for electric powered lift trucks operating on smooth surface inside warehouses or other buildings with flat floors . This type is considered cost effective as it provides good performance under specific applications .

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Factors Affecting Forklift Tire Replacement Cost

Tire Type

The kind of tire you choose has a great impact on how much money you will spend when replacing it . Pneumatic ones for instance may cost more than solid or polyurethane because they come with added advantages in terms of construction features and performance benefits.

Tire Size

Larger sizes generally mean higher prices compared to smaller sized ones . The size needed by your fork lift truck depends on its model as well as what task it does therefore this affects the overall cost of a new set .

Brand and Quality

More often than not high quality products from reputable brands tend to be expensive but not always . These however usually perform better and last longer which makes them worth investing in since one would need another change less frequently.

Frequency of Replacement

The number times you replace your tires affects how much will be spent on average . If used frequently or driven over rough surfaces or even poorly maintained then there is likelihood that these parts may wear out faster necessitating replacements thus increasing costs incurred.

Labour Costs

Labour charges for fitting new tyres can vary widely depending on who does it . It is important to plan for such expenses when budgeting for replacements because professional installation ensures safe and effective operations as well.

Forklift Tire Replacement Cost

Average Cost of Forklift Tire Replacement

Pneumatic Tires

On the market pneumatic tyres range between $100 and $500 each depending on size brand etcetera . Additionally installing them could add about fifty up to one hundred dollars per tyre .

Solid Tires

Typically solid ones go for around 150-600 dollars each while fitting may require fifty to one hundred dollars per unit depending upon complexity level involved during installation process.

Polyurethane Tires

Usually these are considered cheapest type costing between 50 -200 dollars per tyre with lower labour charges at around forty up eighty dollars each being charged during this exercise.

Cost-Saving Tips for Forklift Tire Replacement

Regular Maintenance

If you want your lift truck’s tyres to serve you longer undertake regular checks aimed at identifying any signs indicating that they are worn out i.e. checking tread depth inspecting sidewalls etcetera; maintaining correct inflation levels rotating position periodically among others.

### Choosing the Right Tire for the Job

Selecting appropriate rubber compound hardness level could save some cash later on since some environments have sharp objects on their floors which could lead to frequent replacements.

### Bulk Purchases

Price reduction can be achieved through buying in large quantities especially if there is more than one truck involved where each may require a different size or type thus lowering cost per piece .

### Professional Installation

Although it may seem economical to fit the tires yourself, professional installation guarantees that everything is done right. This could avoid additional costs due to wrong fitting or damage.

When to Change Forklift Tires

Visible Damage

Inspect your tires frequently for any visible damages like cuts, cracks, or embedded objects. Replace damaged ones immediately so as to prevent accidents and ensure safety.

Reduced Traction

The forklift may start slipping or losing traction which is an indication of need for tire replacement. Sufficient grip is necessary for safe operation particularly on wet or uneven surfaces.

Excessive Wear

If the tread is worn out or there are flat spots on the tire surface; they should be replaced. Worn-out ones compromise stability and handling thus creating unsafe conditions when using a forklift truck.

Steps on How to Change Forklift Tires


Make sure the lift truck is parked on level ground with its parking brake engaged. Have all tools required ready before starting off this process.

Raising The Forklift Truck

Use a fork lift jack or hoist to raise the machine up then confirm that it has been lifted securely prior attempting removal of tyres.

Taking off Old Tyres

Loose and take out lug nuts which hold tyre in position; thereafter remove old tyre carefully while checking wheel assembly for any signs of damage.

Fitting New Tyre(s)

Put new tyre onto wheel assembly making certain they match well together; finally tighten up lug nuts firmly following star pattern so as to distribute pressure evenly around rim edge.

Lowering Forklift Downwards

Bring down slowly but steadily back onto ground level watching out not letting forks hit hard surface abruptly. Verify tire pressure readings after this move and do necessary adjustments where needed too during these steps if applicable at all points till finishing point reached in replacing a set of new tires for fork lift truck.

Choosing The Best Forklift Tire Supplier


Choose reputable suppliers who have built good names in market by offering reliable products always. Read reviews online about different companies and ask other businesses for recommendations as well.

Product Range

A supplier with wide variety of tires suitable for various models & applications is best. This ensures that one can get the most appropriate type of tire needed for specific job or machine.

Customer Support Services

Go for those suppliers having excellent customer service support systems in place too such that if anything goes wrong during purchase process then there will be someone ready to assist without delay plus they should also provide warranties or guarantees on their items.

In Summary

Changing a set of new tires into your fork lift truck is very crucial towards its performance and safety. Knowing different types available, costs involved when replacing them as well factors affecting it can help you make proper decisions. Doing regular maintenance, selecting right ones depending on task requirements plus professional fitting may save some money and ensure effective operation of this equipment.


1. After how long should I change my forklift tyres?

Ideally, it is recommended changing them after every 1000-2000 hours but this depends on usage rate plus proper care given too.

2. What are the signs showing that these parts need replacement?

Signs include; cuts, cracks or objects embedded within them, loss of grip etc.

3. Can I personally fit new tyres to my fork lift truck?

Yes however for safety reasons we advise getting an expert do it instead since they know what exactly needs doing so as not compromise anyones wellbeing during handling process.

4. Which is cheaper between solid & pneumatic types?

Solid ones are more pocket friendly in some environments due to durability factor alongside puncture resistance capability exhibited by such materials used making up their construction.

5. How may I prolong life of my forklift tires?

Conducting regular service checks, maintaining recommended air pressures and selecting suitable types based on application needs can help extend their lifespan.

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