how to do Forklift tyre replacement

How to Replace Forklift Tires


An essential part of keeping your machinery safe and running smoothly is forklift tires. The performance, safety, and lifespan of your equipment can be significantly affected by knowing when and how to change them. In this guide we will go over everything there is to know about replacing forklift tires with detailed insights and practical advice.

Familiarize Yourself with Forklift Tires

Different Types of Forklift Tires

Cushion Tires: These are solid rubber tires that are used indoors on smooth surfaces most commonly. They provide a tighter turning radius which makes them great for warehouse operations.

Pneumatic Tires: These tires are filled with air and look like car or truck tires. They’re built for outdoor use on rough terrain and offer a smoother ride than cushion tires.

Solid Pneumatic Tires: Made from solid rubber but shaped like pneumatic tires, these can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. They provide the durability of cushion tires with the versatility of pneumatic ones.

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When You Should Replace Your Forklift Tire

Visible Damage: Cuts, chunks or missing pieces of rubber are all clear signs that the tire needs to be replaced.

Excessive Wear: If a tire’s tread is worn down to the safety line (or below), then it’s time for new ones — because unsafe operation may result from using worn-out ones.

Cracking/Splitting: As they age or due to environmental factors, sometimes they crack or split which compromises their structural integrity

Flat Spots: This happens when you park your forklift in one spot too often; uneven wear occurs which affects how well these perform

The Importance of Regularly Replacing Them

Safety First!

Accidents may happen if they’re worn out or damaged! The condition of them greatly affects forklift stability, braking efficiency, and overall handling.

Effect on Performance

Good ones keep things running optimally — such as better traction, smoother rides, and even improved fuel efficiency. Replacing them on a regular basis helps to maintain operational effectiveness of the lift truck.

Economical Aspects

Yes buying new ones can be expensive but think about how much money will be saved in the long run. Proper care with timely replacements can help prevent costly repairs due to accidents or equipment failure causing downtime.

Forklift Tire Replacement Cost

Steps To Take When Changing Forklift Tires


Identify Tire Type: Make sure you know what kind exactly do your forklifts require; this information is usually found in manuals provided by manufacturers themselves

Tools & Equipment Needed: Tyre press (for cushion tires), jack(s), wrench set(s), gloves, goggles etc., all these stuff is needed to ensure safe removal/installation process takes place without any problems arising

Making the Tyre Safe: Replace the nuts or bolts and do them up to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Lowering the Forklift: Gently lower the forklift to the ground and take out the hydraulic jack.

Final Checks: Ensure that all fasteners are tight and make a trial run to identify any problems if there are any.

Forklift Tires Replacement Cost

Choosing Replacement Tyres

Consider Operating Environment

Indoor vs Outdoor: For indoor use on smooth floors, go for cushion tyres while for outdoor use on rough terrain, choose between pneumatic or solid pneumatic tyres.

Load Requirements: The tires should be able to handle your forklifts load capacity. Overloading can cause premature tire failure and unsafe conditions.

Quality & Brand

Spending money on good quality tires from reputable brands can ensure durability as well as better performance. Think about total cost of ownership including durability over time and maintenance instead of just going by initial purchase price alone.


Make sure that you have got replacement tyres which work with your specific forklift model. An incorrect size or type may result into operational issues and safety risks.

Maintenance Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Tires

Regular Inspections

Frequently examine them to see if they are wearing out or getting damaged. Early detection prevents things from getting worse thus extending their lifespan

Proper Inflation

It is important to maintain correct air pressure levels in pneumatic tires otherwise they might wear unevenly leading to possible bursts due this reason it will be necessary always check whether under-inflated/over-inflated so adjustments can be made accordingly .

Balanced Load Distribution

Avoid overloading your lorry while at same time ensure that whatever is being carried evenly distributed. Unequal distribution causes treads becoming irregularly worn out thereby affecting stability of truck .

Operator Training

Train drivers about importance taking care of wheels and how their driving habits can cause them to wear out quickly. Proper driving skills reduce unnecessary strain on these components.

Common Mistakes When Dealing With Tires

Ignoring Wear Indicators

Most tyres have some built-in wear indicators which people tend not to take seriously thus end up operating fork lifts having unsafe ones.

Mismatched Tyres

Using different kinds/sizes of tyres on same machine could result into handling problems as well as uneven tread wear-out

Delaying Replacement

Postponing replacement may seem like saving money but it can lead to accidents, increased wearing on other parts and unexpected breakdowns.


Changing forklift tires regularly is important for safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness during operations. Therefore by knowing available types of tires, when they should be replaced and following proper maintenance tips; this will help ensure that your forklift functions at its peak level always. Investing in good quality tyres plus timely replacements saves lives besides minimizing downtime due to accidents caused by worn out treads.


1. How often should I change my forklift tyres? Regulatory check-ups need done after every considerable tear or damage or even after reaching its average lifespan as recommended by the manufacturer .

2.What are signs indicating that it’s high time I got new wheels? Some include seeing cracks/tears on sidewalls, flat spots worn off too much rubber showing cords through tread area etcetera .

3.Can someone replace them personally ? Yes , however one must have necessary equipment together with relevant skills so as not injure oneself during process alternatively seek professional assistance if unsure what needs doing.

4.Difference between cushion & pneumatic tire? Cushion is solid while pneumatic has air in it for rough roads

5.How do I make my truck’s tires last longer?

To prolong the life of forklift tires, one must carry out inspections on a regular basis, make sure they have the right amount of air, distribute loads evenly between them and provide operator education.

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