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You have to choose the correct tires for your forklift fleet so that it can remain in its best condition. Forklift tyres greatly affect the effectiveness, safety and life of your machine. This guide covers all there is to know about forklift tyres for sale such as types, sizes, materials used among others and how you can select the right ones for your needs.

Different Types of Forklift Tyres

Pneumatic Forklift Tyres

Just like car tires, pneumatic tires are air-filled. They provide good traction and absorb shocks thus making them ideal for outdoor use on uneven surfaces. There are two types; those filled with air and others filled with foam. The former is susceptible to punctures but the later offers similar benefits without risking flats.

Solid Forklift Tyres

These ones are also called resilient or solid tyres. They consist entirely of rubber which makes them puncture proof. These tires work best indoors or where there might be frequent punctures caused by debris or sharp objects because they don’t offer much cushioning like pneumatic ones do but their durability combined with low maintenance requirements has made them popular among many businesses.

Polyurethane Forklift Tyres

Mostly used on electric forklifts and other light duty indoor applications, polyurethane tires are lighter than solid rubber tires and provide a smooth ride on flat surfaces. Also known for their low rolling resistance which can improve energy efficiency of electric fork lifts.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing New Fork Lift Tires For Sale

There are several factors that you should consider when purchasing new fork lift tyres;

1) Load Capacity

The most important thing that should never slip off your mind while buying these items is their load capacity. Ensure that the tires you select can carry maximum weight of your forklift including heaviest load it may bear. Overloading them will cause premature wearing off as well as safety risks.

2) Operating Environment

Another crucial point worth noting is where they will be used frequently at. Pneumatic tyres are usually recommended for rough or uneven terrains which are found outdoors while solid and polyurethane tires might suit indoor areas having smooth, flat floors.

3) Tyre Size

The size should be within the required limits so that stability and overall performance levels don’t decline. Always consult manufacturer’s manual on what size fits best for your model; wrong choices may affect its ability to handle materials safely.

4) Durability

Consider their lifespan especially when operating in harsh environments where wear & tear is expected to occur more often than not. Normally speaking, solid types together with foam filled pneumatic ones last longer before replacements are needed than air filled pneumatics do.

5) Cost

Prices differ from one brand or quality level to another but remember that price alone cannot determine value. It means that there could exist high quality but relatively expensive brands which give better service over a long period thus saving you money eventually through enhanced performance coupled with decreased maintenance needs.

How To Measure Fork Lift Tires

These items have three main measurements which include;

1) Tyre Width

This refers to distance between sidewalls measuring across the tire’s tread widthwise. In addition, this affects stability plus how weight gets distributed during lifting operations by fork lift trucks etcetera.

2) Tyre Diameter

It influences overall height of machine as well as ground clearance level since greater diameters raise these two features accordingly.

3) Rim Size

Make sure the tire fits the rim size specified by the forklift manufacturer. Wrong rim sizes can result in installation problems and unsafe operation.

Leading Brands for Forklift Tyres


Michelin is an industry-leading manufacturer of top-notch forklift tires known for their strength and reliability. The company offers a variety of pneumatic, solid, and polyurethane tires that can be used in different applications.


Continental provides a wide range of forklift tires designed to work both indoors and outdoors. These durable tires are made to last long while providing excellent traction.


Goodyear produces strong, dependable forklift tires that offer great durability as well as handling capabilities. They are built specifically to withstand even the most demanding industrial environments


When it comes to innovative tyre technology, there is no better option than Bridgestone: they have been enhancing safety levels together with performance features on their products so as to improve overall efficiency within any given supply chain operations involving powered industrial trucks such as fork lifts; some examples include solid tyres which come in different sizes like 12 inches x 5 inches or 14 inches x 8 inches among others depending upon specific application requirements etcetera… Their product line includes various types of tyres including solids and pneumatics suitable for different applications.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Forklift Tyres from Global excel tyres

Quality Assurance

Buying from our company guarantees that you get good quality tyres meeting all relevant standards set forth by regulatory bodies concerned with this sector. Such sellers usually give warranties on their goods hence giving clients peace of mind about what they buy from them.

Expert Advice

If you need help choosing the right type or size of tire needed for your particular application then consider seeking assistance from professionals who know what they are talking about. This is because well-established suppliers have knowledgeable staff members capable of providing accurate information on these matters; so don’t hesitate to ask any questions which may be bothering you while making your selection.

Wide Range

Working with a reputable company means having access to different brands and models under one roof thus saving time spent searching through various places looking for suitable options only found scattered across town etcetera… You will also find that such dealers stock large quantities of items allowing customers greater flexibility when it comes down to selecting just the perfect match for their machinery without enduring long waiting periods before delivery can be made.


Although premium products tend to cost higher initially, they eventually turn out cheaper in terms of durability plus overall performance achieved over time spent using them within operational environments. In addition, trustworthy sellers frequently offer discounts associated with bulk purchases thereby giving buyers better value for money spent.

Tips on Maintaining Forklift Tyres

Frequent Checks

Make it a habit always inspecting your tires frequently so that signs indicating weariness or puncture can be detected early enough before further damage occurs; this will also help extend their lifespan.

Proper Inflation

For pneumatic tires ensure proper air pressure is maintained as failure to do so may lead them wearing out faster than expected or even compromising their ability perform optimally due excessive inflation which affects handling capabilities negatively among other things hence underlining importance this aspect

Tyre Rotation

Regularly rotating these components evenly distributes frictional forces exerted upon them thus increasing longevity thus adhere strictly what manufacturer recommends concerning intervals between swaps should occur otherwise stick generally accepted rule thumb moving around every three months if possible although frequency depends heavily usage patterns employed within workplace environment serviced by fork lift trucks fitted with solid rubber tyres where heavy loads often transported might necessitate shorter maintenance cycles being adopted owing increased rate at which such units wear out under such conditions etcetera…

Avoid Overloading

Always follow instructions regarding maximum lifting capacities imposed by manufacturers so that too much strain does not exerted onto these parts leading premature failure due overloading besides creating unsafe working conditions through increased instances sudden tire bursts

Cleanliness Matters

Periodically cleaning these parts helps eliminate dirt particles which could interfere smooth movement leading faster rate of wear and tear especially when dealing with solid rubber sorts used industries where lots debris usually present on floors etc.

In conclusion,

Choosing the right forklift tires for sale is crucial in ensuring your equipment’s safety, performance and lifespan. Therefore; consider factors such as load capacity, operating environment, tyre size, durability and cost among others before making any purchase decision. Established companies like Michelin Continental Goodyear Bridgestone have proven track records when it comes to providing high quality products that offer excellent value for money spent. It is also important to note that regular maintenance coupled with proper care plays a key role in extending the life of these components thus enabling you conduct business smoothly without experiencing unnecessary downtimes caused by frequent breakdowns associated with worn-out or damaged forklift tyres.

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