Great R4-4 Backhoe tires 21L-24

Type: R4-4 Backhoe tires 21L-24
Brand Name: Friendway
MOQ: Mixed sizes total 1x20ft container or discussed
Size : 21L-24

Great R4-4 Backhoe tires 21L-24

Global excel tyres Co.,ltd manufactures a full lineup of solid rubber backhoe tires.

1 We engineer our products to work with equipment by all leading manufacturers and deliver superior performance in even the most demanding environments.
2 Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of choosing a Friendway backhoe tire replacement and find out about the various product lines that we offer.
3 Backhoes play critical roles in many construction projects — from loading and material handling to earthmoving, grading and more.
4 A machine’s ability to take on these tasks starts from the ground up.
5 The right set of backhoe tires will directly impact traction, stability and other factors that are critical to how and where your team can work.

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SizePRPatternRim typeInflated dimensionMax load(kg)Inflation pressure(kpa)


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