Unique R4 Tractor Tires 10.5/80-18 12.5/80-18

Type: R4 Tractor Tires 10.5/80-18 12.5/80-18
Brand Name: Friendway
MOQ: Mixed sizes total 1x20ft container or discussed
Size : 10.5/80-18 12.5/80-18

R4 Tractor Tires

1 R4 Tractor tires are most commonly used in roadwork or hard ground applications.
2 They have a tread depth that’s about halfway between the depth on R1 and R3 tires
3 Positives for the R4; Standard on most compact tractors- it’s a landscaping/ construction tire that’s generally more rugged and lasts longer in rough conditions.
4 The R4’s will not tear up sod as much as the R1’s will.
5 The R4 is better for general loader work on blacktop and hard surfaces

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SizePRPatternRim typeInflated dimensionMax load(kg)Inflation pressure(kpa)


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