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Overview of Global Excel Tyres

Global Excel Tyres is a top tire manufacturing company known for its quality products and creative problem-solving. The firm serves various sectors such as construction, industrial and transport with a view of achieving excellence in service delivery. Our tyres are made to meet the highest levels of performance, durability and safety.

Different Types of Tires Offered by Global Excel Tyres

Industrial Tires

These are our toughest tires designed for use in harsh working environments where most tires wouldn’t last. They have excellent traction capabilities that ensure stability of any equipment used on them even under very slippery conditions. Whether it’s a forklift or skid steer loader, we got what you need!

Construction Tires

When it comes to construction sites one needs something strong enough to withstand rough terrains as well as heavy loads being moved around all day long; this is exactly what our construction tires are built for! They’re made out of strong materials which makes them resistant to punctures while still providing good wear resistance for those working under severe conditions.

OTR Tires

Off-the-road (OTR) tyres manufactured by Global Excel Tyres cater for heavy duty applications such as mining, quarrying or large scale construction works among others. These OTRs come with deep treads that offer great grip on loose surfaces like mud or sand plus they have reinforced side walls which enhance their strength against cuts from rocks during off-road travel.

Tire Technologies Introduced by Global Excel Tyres

Pneumatic Tires

Our pneumatic tyres can be described as flexible shock absorbers since they allow vehicles to move smoothly even over bumps thereby reducing machine fatigue thus improving productivity levels at work places. They are applicable across different vehicles categories including agricultural machines up through transportation industry ones.

Solid Tires

The solid type of tires is ideal for areas where frequent punctures occur. They do not require any maintenance once installed and give constant performance throughout their life span making them suitable too in heavy duty industrial environments where toughness matters most.

Specialty Tires

Global Excel Tyres also produces specialty tyres designed specifically for certain unique applications such as scissor lifts, golf carts among others which serve niche markets worldwide. These specialty tires are made to meet particular performance requirements thus ensuring optimal operational efficiency in every use.

Primary Characteristics of Global Excel Tyres


Our products are primarily known for being long lasting hence one of the key features that distinguish our tires from competitors’ ones is their durability aspect. This can be attributed to the fact that we employ top notch materials during production coupled with advanced manufacturing techniques aimed at enhancing resistance against wear and tear even under extreme conditions thereby increasing service life while reducing maintenance costs over time.


Another notable thing about these tires is how well they perform irrespective of whether it’s on smooth highways or rough construction sites because performance matters a lot when it comes to this industry. They provide excellent grip on all types of surfaces, good stability under different loads and control ability regardless of terrain encountered during use.


Global Excel Tyres considers safety first before anything else therefore all necessary precautions have been taken into account so as to make sure that driving or operating machinery fitted with our tyres poses minimal risks possible both to drivers themselves as well as other road users. For instance, we subject each batch produced unto rigorous tests based on various safety standards which further enhances reliability under different driving conditions besides having wide treads for better traction along reinforced side walls meant for protection against impact caused by stones while driving through rough roads.

Applications of Global Excel Tyres

Agriculture Equipment

Farmers need high productivity levels in order to achieve their goals within limited time frames hence our tires are designed with such needs in mind. They possess superior grip capabilities which enable them to work well even on loose soils thus reducing compaction during farming operations for increased efficiency. These tyres can be fitted onto different types of agricultural machinery ranging from tractors used during ploughing seasons up through harvesters employed at grain storage facilities among others.

Mining Equipment

In mining, heavy loads are common and so too are rough surfaces that accompany these loads. For this reason alone it makes sense why mine operators need highly durable tyres capable of withstanding cuts caused by rocks as well as resistance against abrasions resulting from constant rubbing action between tyre surface materials used in construction sites where such activities take place most frequently. Our mining tyres have been tested under extreme conditions

For use in the transportation sector, Global Excel Tyres supplies tyres that are both tough and fuel-efficient. Rolling resistance is lowered by our tyres thus bettering fuel consumption and reducing costs of operations as well. These are best for lorries, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Commitment to Sustainability

We at Global Excel Tyres have embraced sustainability as part of our core values. In manufacturing processes, we utilize environmentally friendly materials and methods. Carbon emissions can be reduced significantly with our eco-friendly tires which contribute towards a greener future.

Customer-Centric Approach

The customer is always right according to us. Our team works hand in hand with clients so that they may comprehend their unique requirements thereby rendering personalized services. To ensure clients’ investments are worthwhile, we provide them with all-round after-sales support.


Innovations designed for diverse applications make Global Excel Tyres an industry leader among tire manufacturers worldwide. It’s our dedication to excellence coupled with superior quality standards that differentiate us from competition. Regardless of whether it’s for industrial use or construction purposes; if you need any kind of tire then look no further than Global Excel Tyres!

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