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Global Excel Tyres(Dongying) factory tires lines

Forklift tires , industrial tires, skid steer tires & OTR tires for different work places !

solid pneumatic forklift tires application

solid pneumatic Forklift tires

"non-pneumatic tires or "airless tires," are designed to eliminating the risk of punctures and the need for regular maintenance.

cushion tires application

cushion tires(press-on tires)

Cushion tires also known as press-on tires, best suited for smooth surfaces and low-speed applications.

Air pneumatic forklift tires application

Air pneumatic forklift tires

pneumatic forklift tires for the forklift needs to navigate over uneven terrain, absorb shocks, and provide enhanced traction and stability.

skid steer tires application

skid steer tires

skid steer tires are specifically designed to provide optimal traction, stability, and maneuverability in various working conditions

scissor lift tires application

Scissor lIft Tires

Scissor lift tires are commonly used for construction, maintenance, and industrial vehicles to provide vertical access to elevated work areas.

foam filled tires application

foam filled tires

foam filled tires are commonly applied in industries that require reliable, puncture-resistant tires in challenging environments.

industrial tires application

Industrial tires

Industrial tires are used in heavy machinery and equipment, such as backhoes, loaders, and other construction and agricultural vehicles

bias otr tire application

Bias OTR Tires

Bias OTR (Off-The-Road) tires are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications in off-road vehicles and equipment.

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What Sets Us Apart

Perfection Anytime

Different patterns , differnt design support solid tires work for 4,000 hours, and inflated tires for 2,500 hours, and customize special formulas for the special needs of different customers

24/7 Communication

Careful planning, reliable infrastructure, and a dedicated team. Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our support system to ensure it meets customer expectations and evolves with changing needs.

Aftermarket Services

User manuals, technical specifications, and safety guidelines aviliable Having access to services from our team can be convenient and ensure the longevity of the tires.trained technicians provide professional assistance.

Brand Support

By offering comprehensive support across good quality , competitive prices , we can effectively supply Friendway brand tires to clients, build strong relationships, and establish a reputation for quality and reliability.

Advance Technology

A combination of material science, computer-aided design, advanced manufacturing techniques, and rigorous testing processes contributes to the production of high-quality tires.

Experienced Sales Team

they have professional Product Knowledge,Industry Expertise of different workplace requirement ,provide accurate guidance and recommendations to customers .

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