Targeted R4-2 industrial tractor tires 16.9-24 19.5L-24

Type: Industrial Tractor Tires 16.9-24 19.5L-24
Brand Name: Friendway
MOQ: Mixed sizes total 1x20ft container or discussed
Size : 16.9-24 19.5L-24

R4-2 industrial tractor tires 16.9-24 19.5L-24


1 our R4 industrial tractor tires with stronger compound and structure, which enables the longer tread life and the excellent traction, also upgrades the load durability.
2 The wider tire footprint’s even pressure distribution and the maintained ideal tire shape work together to upgrade the load durability.
3 The reinforced tire shape and strengthened construction enable the tire to carry and withstand heavy loads with ease, boosting its heavy-duty performance.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose farm tractor tire, the R-4 is a great option , please do contact us via email or visit facebook

SizePRPatternRim typeInflated dimensionMax load(kg)Inflation pressure(kpa)


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